Columbaria for the 21st Century

Discover Kyber’s Columbaria, where cutting-edge design meets timeless reverence. Our sustainable solutions honour lives with beauty, transforming memorial spaces for generations to come.

Our Approach

In a world of constant change, finding ways to honour those we’ve lost with enduring beauty and meaning is more important than ever. Kyber understands this deeply. Our modern columbarium designs offer a fresh perspective on traditional memorials, blending contemporary aesthetics with timeless craftsmanship. This method leads to spaces that are not only visually beautiful but also profoundly meaningful, reflecting the lives they commemorate.

Benefits of Modern Columbarium Designs

At Kyber, we take pride in offering modern columbarium designs that not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of any space but also honour the memories of loved ones with dignity and grace. Here’s why our designs stand out:

Space Optimization: Our modern columbarium designs are crafted with careful consideration for space optimization. Our designs can be customized to fit the unique needs and preferences of religious institutions, cemeteries, or memorial gardens.

Versatility: Kyber’s modern columbarium designs are versatile and adaptable to various environments. No matter if you’re creating designs for a religious establishment, cemetery, or commemorative garden, our designs are customizable to meet your particular requirements and desires.

Low Maintenance: Kyber’s use of aluminum isn’t just about contemporary style; it’s a commitment to lasting beauty with minimal upkeep. Our weather-resistant finishes and expert craftsmanship ensure your columbarium will retain its elegance for decades, with no need for costly restoration. This allows you to focus on remembrance, not repairs.

Personalized Expression: Kyber’s columbariums offer a wide range of styles, from minimalist elegance to bold geometric forms. Select from diverse materials, including glass, stone, and integrated lighting, to create a memorial as unique as the life it celebrates.

Sustainable Practices: Kyber’s sustainability is about mindful design, not just materials. From eco-conscious materials to innovative practices that minimize waste, we believe beautiful memorials can also be responsible ones.

Innovative Aesthetics: Our contemporary columbarium designs offer innovative aesthetics that blend seamlessly with contemporary architectural styles. From sleek lines to cutting-edge materials, our designs enhance the beauty of any space while providing a dignified resting place for your loved ones.

Experience the difference with Kyber’s modern columbarium designs, where beauty meets sustainability, and memories are honoured with reverence.

A standard sized niche is 12” x 12” x 12”. At Kyber we do them at 13” x 12” x 14” deep to allow for more space and larger urn placement. While this is our standard, niches can be made in any size or shape depending on the location and wishes of the client.

Columbaria Styles


The Chelmsford columbaria offers elegantly designed rectangular spaces for the interment of cremated remains.


This type of columbarium features a symbolic circular design, representing eternal love and remembrance.


This one provides a modern aesthetic with its sleek glass fronts, blending seamlessly with contemporary architecture.

Holt with Peaked Top

This spacious and thoughtfully constructed columbarium provides a lasting memorial for multiple generations of your family.


A temporary resting place where dignity and respect are paramount, offering a peaceful space before final interment.

Amsterdam with etching

Curved columbaria breaks from the traditional rectangular form, offering a more visually appealing memorial space.

Kyber CC’s Experience

We have more than 50 years of experience in providing services and products in the Columbarium industry. Our team and dealers, based in North America, will view your site and offer suitable Columbarium solutions.


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