Why Kyber


  • At Kyber we have designed our niches from the ground up based on the best practices from in and outside the industry
  • We build for you based on your needs and we build to last


  • Our vast network of industry professionals is here to help you with any concern or issue you may have
  • With well over 50 years of personal industry experience we know the answer or who to talk to


  • With our knowledge we have seen many issues or breakdowns with cemetery structures over the years and how best to do a proper repair or replacement.

Memorials, Benches and Engraving

  • There are so many options out there, allow Kyber to help narrow your search and show you what works and what is not worth your time
  • We can supply or put you in touch with those that can help and above all meet our and your standards

Everything else is mute if you don’t have outstanding service. We truly believe that. Treat others how you would want to be treated yourself. This is not just something we say but something we live each and every day. Contact Kyber and see our 100% commitment to you and the people you serve.

A Niche Company

Kyber Columbarium and Construction

A full-service Columbaria company. With over 50 years of industry experience, Kyber can offer products, services and advice to best suit your needs. Our staff and dealers throughout North America are ready and able to view your site and offer options and solutions that work for you and the families you serve. Large, small or scalable Kyber has the knowledge to help. Any location or configuration we are the niche company for you.

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