Glass Front Niche

Transparent Tributes with Kyber

We invite you to experience the refined beauty and timeless elegance of our glass front and indoor glass niches. Infused with a dedication to excellence and innovative design, each glass niche stands as a timeless memorial.

Glass Front Niche

At Kyber, we offer a modern approach to memorialization with our Glass Front Niche service. The transparent glass fronts allow you to showcase cherished mementos, photographs, and personal artifacts in a visually appealing display. Each Glass Front Niche is fully customizable, letting you personalize the design to reflect the unique personality and legacy. Whether you prefer a sleek, minimalist approach or a more intricate design, our team of expert craftsmen will collaborate closely with you to make a memorial that encapsulates essence and legacy.

Benefits of Glass Front Niche

Preserve Memories: Safely showcase cherished mementos and keepsakes, preserving precious memories for generations.

Clear Visibility: Transparent glass fronts offer clear visibility, allowing visitors to appreciate displayed items with ease.

Modern Elegance: Sleek and contemporary design adds a touch of modern elegance to the memorial space.

Indoor Glass Niche

Our Indoor Glass Niche service brings the beauty and elegance of glass-fronted memorials into mausoleums, memorial chapels, or columbariums. The transparent fronts create a captivating display for cherished memories and enhance the elegance of indoor space. Fully customizable to suit your preferences, create a personalized tribute that perfectly reflects the remarkable life of the individual being commemorated.

Benefits of Indoor Glass Niche

Seamless Integration: Indoor Glass Niches blend smoothly into indoor spaces, complementing the existing architecture.

Soft Illumination: Allows natural or artificial light to illuminate displayed items, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

Effortless Preservation: Safeguard cherished memories in Indoor Glass Niches, ensuring lasting preservation and dignified display for generations to come.

The Beauty of Transparency

Glass Front and Indoor Glass Niches offer a modern alternative to traditional memorials, allowing you to showcase treasured mementos and keepsakes in a transparent and visually striking display. Whether it's photographs, letters, or personal artifacts, our Niches provide a beautiful platform for honouring lives and legacies.

Glass Front Niche Styles

Leamington Double sided glass fronts

Leamington Double Sided Glass Fronts provide a dual-view columbarium niche with visibility from both sides.

Lighted Glass Front

Lighted Glass Front niches add a touch of radiance to glass-fronted columbariums, highlighting cherished memories.

Glass Marble Niches

This type of glass front niche offers a range of styles incorporating marble elements into glass-front columbarium designs.

Full Glass Front

Full Glass Front niches showcase personal items and urns with complete transparency for a beautiful, contemporary display.

Glass Island
Glass Island

Glass Island columbaria creates a focal point with their open design, showcasing urns within a beautiful glass-fronted structure.

WMEN Mlighted Niches

WMEN Mlighted Niches are best known for creating a sense of openness and light within columbarium spaces.

Kyber CC’s Experience

We have more than 50 years of experience in providing services and products in the Columbarium industry. Our team and dealers, based in North America, will view your site and offer suitable Columbarium solutions.


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