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At Kyber, we understand that a memorial is more than a structure; it’s a place where love finds a home. With decades of experience, we are experts in constructing Columbarium, Monuments & Benches, as well as Bronze Plaques & Engraving.


If you desire a memorial for your loved ones, consider Columbaria. It is a trending and unique way to honour their existence for years. With a focus on maintenance-free aluminum, we design & build custom columbarium to fit any space or need. Choose from a variety of sizes, materials, and design options to create a personalized tribute that reflects their life and your love.

Benefits of Columbarium For You

Financial Savings: Choosing a custom columbarium as a memorialization option can be a more cost-effective option compared to high traditional burial plot costs. Moreover, a columbarium is a very dignified approach to giving tribute to your loved ones.

Eco-Friendly Solution: Columbaria offers an environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional burial practices. By opting for cremation and memorialization in a columbarium, families can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to conservation efforts, making it a greener choice for honouring their loved ones.

Monuments & Benches

Let us design monuments and benches that stand as a testament to courage, service, or a life well-lived. From grand civic tributes to intimate benches, we help you create a place for reflection and remembrance.

Benefits of Monuments & Benches For You

Therapeutic Spaces: The monuments and benches are not just memorials; they are therapeutic spaces that offer solace, comfort, and healing to those who visit. The serene ambiance and beautiful design provide a peaceful retreat for reflection and introspection.

Legacy Preservation: CBy creating a custom-designed monument or bench, you are preserving your loved one’s legacy for future generations. Each design tells a story, capturing the essence of their life and ensuring that their memory lives on in a tangible and beautiful way.

Bronze Plaques & Engraving

From honoring loved ones to commemorating milestones, Kyber's custom bronze plaques and engraving bring distinction to any occasion. Our expertise ensures your message is captured in breathtaking detail.

Benefits of Bronze Plaques & Engraving For You

Historical Preservation: Engraved plaques serve as historical markers, documenting significant events, milestones, and achievements for future generations. They contribute to the preservation of local history and heritage, ensuring that the legacy of your loved one is remembered and honoured for years to come.

Cultural Representation: Our engraving services accommodate diverse cultural traditions and beliefs. This means we can incorporate symbols, motifs, and language that hold special significance to your loved one’s cultural heritage. It will ensure that their memory is celebrated in a manner that is authentic and respectful of their cultural identity.

Construction Styles

Glass Front Island

It is a traditional type of columbarium, which is one of the most preferred choices of our clients.

The Chelmsford

This type of columbarium is a modern choice for people looking to have a distinct style.


In this columbarium, the individual niches have a clear glass panel at the front.

Round “The Windsor”

A unique columbarium design, made to hold the cremated remains of multiple members of a family.

Decorative Columns

This columbarium features shelves that are designed to hold urns for a short period of time.


In this columbarium design, there are gentle curves as opposed to the traditional straight wall format.

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